Spring is here! Here’s some sunglasses for the warmer days coming!  

What Does Hate and Bias Look Like?

Hate and Bias are a big problem around our campus. Check out this bulletin board in the lobby downstairs to find out how to do your part. 

Female Inventors

Check out these awesome female inventors for Women’s History Month!

NCAA Bracket Challenge

Hey guys! Special thanks to everyone who participated in the Melcher NCAA tournament challenge! A winner will be determined very soon!

What are your Spring Break plans?

Whether you’re just sitting around and relaxing, working and making money, or traveling the world, spring break is a great opportunity to get away from many of the stressors of college. What are your plans for your week away from school? Vote on this poll in the 3E restroom!

St. Patty’s Day

Learn more about origins of this holiday and what it means to the people of Ireland!

How Much Does Skipping Class Cost You?

Check out this board on our wing to find out how much regularly skipping class can actually cost. Going to class is the most important part of college; make sure you reach your goals!

Black Inventors

Check out these awesome black inventors during Black History Month!


Learn about salt intake and the health benefits of limiting your salt!

United We Stand

Special thanks to everyone who came to the United We Stand presentation last night! Mr. Washington delivered a great speech and it was a totally great time! ┬áHe talked about self-love, resilience, and how you can live each day of your life knowing that “You’re the Sh*t!” If you have questions or want to know…