How-To Guide

Each underlined heading is a link to the subject listed. 

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Passport Funds / e-Accounts – These funds are used for on campus only. They can be used on Dining Services, Laundry, at the Bookstore, and the Information Center.

Trash / Recycling – You are responsible for taking out your own trash and recycling. There are 2 dumpsters located on the west end of the building at the bottom of the ramp. Recycling rooms are no longer in use campus-wide due to cutbacks. *If there are bags or excessive amounts of resident trash found within the hallways, bathrooms, lounge area,  or microwave room some fees may be assessed to the entire wing.*

Bicycle Lockers – Each Res hall has their own bike lockers. Melcher’s bike lockers are located on the south side of the building, towards the west end.

Vacuum Checkout – Vacuum checkout can be done at the front desk when there is an attendant present.

Parking Permit – There are numerous parking passes available. Passes can also be purchased on site at Brigham Hall.

Activity Pass – Activity passes are available for purchase at the front desk. Please bring your ID and payment. Prices are as follows: Activity pass year – $15.00  Activity pass semester – $8.00  Activity pass with Melcher shirt – $20.00

Maintenance Request – Please be patient as the maintenance team usually is dealing with multiple request at a time. Some issues may take longer to resolve depending on their nature.

Dining Services hours – Each food service location listed allows the a student’s Pioneer Passport ID to access their meal plan account.



Special thanks to Dalton Sheffler for compiling this information.